Paragon Profile: Denis Mullins

Coming off his recent win in the Paragon Games Sapphire Open, Denis is not only one of Canberra’s most formidable opponents, but also one of the most entertaining ones to be sitting across the table from.

Paragon Profile: Sam Spurling

Sam from Jolt Games has been there from the start, giving us tips and helping us set up the stream at Jolt. He’s the friendly face at Jolt who’s never afraid to offer help and advice to players.

Paragon Profile: Laura Ellis

There are people in the Magic community who will go out of their way to make sure other players feel included. One of those people is Laura Ellis. Whenever there’s someone asking for cards, Laura will be one of the first people to respond and put up her hand to help you out – even if she doesn’t know you.

Paragon Profile: Jim Wilks

When I first started playing Magic back in Theros, I kept seeing these posts saying how this guy called Jim Wilks was winning all these events. And I thought, who is this Jim Wilks guy? In case you’ve also been wondering the same question, we’ve taken the liberty to find out more about Jim’s story and the approach he’s taken to Magic.