Paragon Profile: William Dyson

As much as we all love Magic, the thing that makes Magic great and keeps us coming back are the friends and community Magic brings with it. In our Paragon Profile series, we'll be introducing you to a bunch of our local players who you could be sitting across from at the Paragon Games.

It's always exciting to see young players at tournaments, and even more exciting when we see them succeed. William Dyson became our first ever Paragon Open Champion winning the Diamond Open with his aggresive White-Red Humans deck. Since then, he's had consistent strong finishes in both the Sapphire and Onyx Open with his Merfolk list in Modern. It's been amazing following his journey through the Paragon Opens and we're sure he's got plenty of successes to come.

Magic community, it's with great excitement to introduce you all to your Diamond Open winner, William Dyson!

Diamond Open winner William Dyson

How does it feel winning the first ever Paragon Open?

Well, I hadn't thought of it like that until just now. I'm very excited about it and I believe it will be something I will remember for a long time.

Being one of the younger players on the competitive magic scene, what advice would you give to other young players?

Being younger than all the other players doesn't give you a disadvantage. Whilst it may be daunting to play against people who are older and more experienced than you, the Magic crowd is generally very friendly and will help you become a better player.

Do you have any long-term Magic goals?

My main goal is to simply become a better and more experienced Magic player than I am now and to achieve high results in future tournaments.

What sorts of things do you think are going to help you improve your skills?

Firstly, I think that playing as much Magic as I can will contribute a large amount towards becoming a better player. Additionally, learning more of the rules and the intricacies of the game via both tournament play and reading will help improve my skills.

When did you start playing Magic?

I started playing Magic around the time of the original Zendikar block, about 6 years ago.

What brought you into Magic?

I used to play Pokemon and my parents used to play Magic. One day my parents started teaching my brother and I how to play and I soon became hooked.

Wow, your parents played Magic! Do you know when they started playing? Do they still play?

I do not know the exact date of when they started playing but it was probably about the time of my birth, in 2002. Some family friends taught them the game and it caught on. They still play, more now because I play often, and they have been a big part of my preparation for the Paragon Opens.

What type of events and formats do you like playing in?

I enjoy prereleases a lot and found them a fun and enjoyable way to play. I also enjoy the diversity that Modern brings and the wide variety of decks I can play in that format.

Speaking of Modern, why did you decide to bring Merfolk to the Sapphire Open?

It is one of those under-appreciated decks that whilst not seeing much play, it still manages to win Grand Prixs fairly regularly. It also plays fairly simply but it is full of llittle tricks that can make it feel less like a 'fair' deck and do things that you wouldn't expect from a lot of creatures with poor stats.

What type of colours do you like playing?

I enjoy playing blue and black because they give me the ability to mess with my opponent's hand and board state and stop them from hurting me. I like white and red, however, simply because of the simple ways that the aggressive decks play.

What has been most memorable moment in Magic?

I once played my aggressive White Black Warriors deck against a friend playing a controlling Black-Red-Kill-Everything deck full of burn and kill spells. The game proceeded as follows: he killed every single creature I played and I killed everything he played. I ended up playing all of my lands and finally won the game when my opponent ran out of cards in his library. It had never occurred to me that my deck would ever win in that way.

What are the most important characteristics you think a Magic player should have?

I think that they should enjoy playing the game and also have a very persistent and determined attitude so that they will keep on playing even if they suffer heavy losses.

What is your life outside of Magic?

Most of my life is taken up by school and homework but I try to read books often and to play boardgames.

What are you most looking forward to from the new Kaladesh set?

I am looking forward to building as many cool decks as possible and trying to exploit some of the potentially underpowered looking cards.

What's your favourite colour of the colour pie (White, Blue, Black, Red, Green)?

Definitely black. I just enjoy the playstyle that it brings and I find it often creeps into my decks.

Which colour of the colour pie do you think best represents you and why?

Blue. I am (or believe I am) fairly smart. I also try to innovate with my deck building to try and find the best and most fun deck. Finally, I always attempt to try to find and make the best possible play.

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