Paragon Profile: Denis Mullins

As much as we all love Magic, the thing that makes Magic great and keeps us coming back are the friends and community Magic brings with it. In our Paragon Profile series, we'll be introducing you to a bunch of our local players who you could be sitting across from at the Paragon Games.

Coming off his recent win in the Paragon Games Sapphire Open, Denis is not only one of Canberra's most formidable opponents, but also one of the most entertaining ones to be sitting across the table from. He's known for his graveyard shenanigans and 'it's gas!' catchphrase.

Community, your Paragon Gams Sapphire Open winner – Denis Mullins!


When did you start playing Magic?

A few weeks before the Born of the Gods Pre-release.

Wow, that’s not that long ago! Since then you’ve really cemented yourself as one of Canberra’s best Magic players. How did you get to that level in a relatively short time period?

I've been gaming since I can remember. I've played everything from competitive Tekken to Chess. I feel like that has really helped. My past in competitive sports has fuelled my competitive nature. It really pushes me to get better because winning is gas.

I was also lucky enough to be accepted by a group of some of the best guys Canberra has. The group has a really nice spread of players and play styles that has made it really helpful in picking up the intricacies of the game.

I've also put in a lot of time learning on my own. I've watched countless hours of coverage from tournaments in all formats, read heaps of articles and spent a lot of time theorycrafting in my head. It all adds up.

What brought you into Magic?

My best friend and all-round nice guy, Jim Wilks. (You can check out Jim's Paragon Profile here!)

Why have you kept playing?

The complexity and depth of the game. Also, I hate money.

What type of events and formats do you like playing in?

I enjoy playing a wide range of formats and events. Anything from casual EDH games to competitive PPTQs and GPs. My favourite format is a tie between Standard and Modern.


What type of colours do you like playing?

Black. Killing stuff and doing stuff with my graveyard is my jam.

What’s your most memorable moment in Magic?

At GP Melbourne earlier this year, I was able to beat my Blue-White Eldrazi opponent on a mulligan to four by casting a turn one Blood Moon on the play which completely locked him out of the game. It was gas.

Do you have a Magic goal?

Playing on the Pro Tour at least once.

Which aspect of your game do you think you can improve on most to reach that goal?

Getting better at breaking down my own mistakes so I don't make them again.

What are the most important characteristics you think a Magic player should have?

Being a good opponent can make or break a player’s tournament experience. While technical skill and understanding of the game are paramount to success, I honestly feel like doing what you can to make the game fun and enjoyable for both you and your opponent is far more important; it is a game after all.

What is your life outside of Magic?

I am currently a student studying IT at the University of Canberra.

What advice would you give to a new player?

The easiest way to get better at Magic is to play Magic. Get out there and play games.

So what do you think of Paragon Games?

I love playing in constructed events so having more opportunity to play local events is great. This also gives people the chance to grow as Magic players and have more fun. What’s not to like?

What’s your favourite colour of the colour pie?

Black, no question. It has blessed us with glorious gifts such as the Griselfather and the amazing waifu trifecta of Liliana of the Veil; Braids, Cabal Minion; and Ghoulcaller Gisa.

Liliana of the Veil Braids, Cabal Minion Ghouldcaller Gisa

Which colour of the colour pie do you think best represents you and why?

Red. When I think of red, I think of mischief. It is the cheekiest colour by far and has some of silliest names in all of Magic. I am a fan of a good laugh and just having fun. Red is the colour I feel most exemplifies that.

The Paragon Games Tournament Series 2016 season is running in Canberra from 17 September to 26 November. Register now for your chance to share in $1750 in cash prizes and player rewards!

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