Full Paragon Token Spoiler!

We're finally ready to show you all our Paragon Token illustrated by Joshua Ophel!

First up, let's have a look at all of the Open tokens – everyone playing at an Open scores one of these. Remember that if you pre-register, you get TWO of these tokens instead!

Diamond Open Token


Sapphire Open Token

Octopus token

Onyx Open Token


Ruby Open Token


Emerald Open Token


And here's a quick refresher on the pre-registration Thopter token, which you can only get if you pre-register…

Pre-Registration Token


… and the awesome Dragon token everyone making a Top 8 earns.

Top 8 Token


And finally, since qualifying for the Championship shown us all you're no strager to victory, everyone playing in the Paragon Championship will get this sweet Paragon of Victory token!

Championship Token


With just two Opens left, make sure you register for your chance to pick these Tokens up, score some Paragon Points and get qualified for the Paragon Championship!

There are just two Opens left to earn a qualification into the Paragon Championship! Remember that if you pre-register, as well as scoring bonus tokens, you also go into the draw to win a Kaladesh Bundle! Get pre-registered here!

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