Onyx Open – Metagame Breakdown and Top 8 Decklists

The Onyx Open was our second and final Modern event of the season and we loved how many different Modern decks players bought along again! Infect had the biggest turnout, closely followed by Burn, but we had a great range of decks from Affinity to Jund to Bant Eldrazi to Blue White Turns!

Paragon Profile: Denis Mullins

Coming off his recent win in the Paragon Games Sapphire Open, Denis is not only one of Canberra’s most formidable opponents, but also one of the most entertaining ones to be sitting across the table from.

Red-Green Tron Primer (Part 3): Tron vs The World

In Modern, no deck is really safe from the powerful, yet narrow sideboard cards an opponent might bring with just you in mind. In this article, you can find a list of all of the hate you’re likely to see if you’re playing Tron, or what you might want to consider adding to your sideboard if you want to beat it.