Paragon Tokens – Going Deep at the Sapphire Open

Our exclusive Sapphire Open token by Mythic is here for you to see!

If you make your way along to the Sapphire Open on Satuday 1 October at Jolt Games, you'll find yourself walking away with this slippery Octopus token!

Octopus token

As always, if you pre-register, you'll get TWO of these exclusive Open tokens as well as the pre-registration only Thopter token. Here it is again, in case you missed it last time:


And of course, if earn a spot in the Top 8, you also get this sweet Dragon Token:


Remember to pre-register for the Sapphire Open to get your Thopter and bonus Octopus token, as well as going into the draw to win a Kaladesh Bundle! There's a Bundle up for grabs at every Paragon Open, so remember to pre-register for each event to get more chances to win!

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