Paragon Tokens – Diamond Open, Pre-Registration and Top 8 Tokens

We're excited to finally be able to reveal some exclusive tokens you can get your hands on as part of playing in Paragon Games Tournament Series events!

These tokens have been beautifully illustrated by Canberra local Joshua Ophel as part of his Mythic Tokens project.

Mythic Tokens

There are a total of eight tokens available this season, some harder to get than others. We'll be revealing them all over the coming weeks, but for now, here's a breakdown of all the tokens, how to get them and even a few of the tokens themselves!

Open Tokens

There are five Open Tokens up for grabs, one at each Paragon Open.

Open Token
Diamond Open Spirit
Sapphire Open Octopus
Onyx Open Zombie
Ruby Open Elemental
Emerald Open Beast

And here's the Diamond Open token:


With some modern Paragon Opens scheduled soon, you might find yourself putting these Spirit tokens into play in a flash! Back to the topic at hand…

How do you get these sweet tokens? Just attend Paragon Opens and you'll get one of the associated tokens! You'll actually get two if you pre-register. Speaking of…

Pre-Registration Token

These exclusive Thopter tokens will be flying into your hands if you pre-register for any Paragon event! Don't miss out – get your registration in now!


Top 8 Token

Before I drag on too long, I'll get straight on to this next one. You know what you'll feel like after making Top 8 at a Paragon Open? Like a big, flying 4/4 Dragon. Well, not necessarily, but by making Top 8, you will have proven that you're as dangerous (an opponent) as a big flying 4/4 Dragon. And so you'll also score this sweet Dragon token!


Championship Token

Last, but not least, make it to the Paragon Championship, either by winning a Paragon Open or being amongst the top 11 Paragon Points leaders and you'll earn the rarest Paragon token of them all. So rare, that we're not even ready to show it to you.

There'll only ever by 16 of these tokens, and their owners will go down in history as the best players of the first ever Paragon Games Tournament Series.

Paragon Avatar token. To be revealed…

Stay tuned. We'll be revealing the rest of the Paragon Games tokens over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, get your pre-registrations in to score those Thopter tokens AND go into the draw to win a Kaladesh Bundle! There's a Bundle up for grabs at every Open, so the more events you pre-register for, the more chances you have to win!

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